ABU Lavender

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ABU Lavender Diapers

NEW Built-In Lavender Scent!
  • Feminine Design
  • **NEW - Lavender Scent Odor Control
  • Tall Leakguards
  • QuickAbsorb Core
  • Single Tape (2 tab diaper)
  • Back Waistband
  • Plastic Landing Panel – Easy Adjustments
  • Fade When Wet Butterflies & Swirls
  • 4500ML Absorbancy (Same as SDK v2 & Cushie v2)
M: 31"-36" 
L: 36"-46" 
Notice: Ink is printed on the outside of this product and may rub off from pressure or transfer by the use of baby oil, baby gel, or any product that produces a reaction with the ink. This ink is harmless but can stain plastic pants or diaper covers.