ABU PreSchool Plastic

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ABU PreSchool™ Plastic

Designed for daytime use and keeping you comfortable during the day - with added crinkle!

Actually, truth be told, we designed PreSchool™Plastic for those that like to wear out and about and want a little bit of crinkle. Folklore has it that ABU PreSchool™ diapers make operating toy planes, counting shapes, sleeping under leaping sheep, and racing through traffic in Seattle easier. After trying them, let us know if you feel smarter at work, or in school. Unfortunately there is no guarantee, but it's fun to pretend! ;D

The Features
  • 4 Different Designs (Randomly Selected)
  • Double Tape (4 tab diaper)
  • Tall Leakguards
  • QuickAbsorb Core
  • Back Waistband
  • Medium Absorbency, designed for daytime use!
M: 28"-36" 
L: 36"-46"